NuComms Overview

NuComms is an Over The Top (OTT) application (just like (Netflix or MS Teams) that delivers voice on any smartphone as is provided as a fully managed service by Tel.Net.

NuComms provides the user with full control over all aspects of their service through a web based control portal (Voice Mail, Forwarding, VM as Email, etc)

Advantages Include:

  • Ability to keep your own number (or we can provide you a new number)
  • Loose your phone, no need to wait for a new SIM, just self re-provison to any alternate smartphone

NuComms is an ideal way to provide BYOD Services:

  • You control the mobile number used for business purposes
  • Employee keeps their own number, without having to carry two phones
  • No need to recover Personal Call Costs from Employees

As NuComms works over any IP network, it is ideal for:

  • Global Roaming (unlimited calls to Australian numbers)
  • Dual SIM (keep your existing number and overlay it on both Dual SIM Numbers)
  • No SIM Applications (no SIM, no problem, as long as you have WIFI connectivity)
  • Poor Reception Indoors (as long as WIFI reception, you can make and receive calls)
NuComms Details
Monthly Fee (inc GST) Service $10.00
Calls to Tel.Net (To Domestic) Unlimited
Calls to Non-Tel.Net (To Domestic) Unlimited
SMS No SMS Standard Access
Data None (OTT Service)